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What will the kids learn from the project?

    The project provides the student with the opportunity to use African violets to learn about the requirements of plants and the effects of changes in environmental conditions.

    We can relate math to that objective by having a sub-objective for math (The student shall calculate the averaged time required for plantlets to appear).

For English: (The student shall write a paragraph describing the process utilized to prepare a leaf for propagation).

For Art: (The student shall draw a picture of an African violet blossom).

For Computer: (The student shall create a table or chart showing the name of the cultivar and how many plantlets each cultivar produced).

For Reading: (The student will read a brief article about African violets and create a list of key words to add to their vocabulary). 

For Enrichment (The student shall interview an experienced violet grower and share two key ideas with classmates). 

Each objective is grade appropriate and would be in addition to the detailed objectives pertaining to learning about the physical growth of plants (photosynthesis, transpiration, respiration, growth cycle, blossom production, plant parts and functions, etc.).