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Field Day 2000

This year the Ham Clubs in the Ottawa area held a record breaking Field Day involving 35 Stations on the grounds of the Museum of Science and Technology. Previous record 28.

The contribution of the Pioneer Amateur Radio Club (PARC) was in providing two two-way ATV links between a nearby Fire Station and the Field Day site.

PARC member Dick Morrison, VE2RAM shown here setting up an ATV video link from the Smoke Tower of the Fire Station, on Industrial Ave, overlooking the FD site.

A 900 MHz antenna, mounted on the guard rail at the top of the Lighthouse, provided ample signal strength to the tent at the base.

        Luc Pernot, VE3JGL tweaking the video at the receiver.

         A temporary 60 metre VHF tower supplied by a crane.

         One of twelve towers erected on the museum grounds.

        CN 6200 Locomotive beside one of a dozen Army tents.