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We are indebted to the many generous people who helped produce this Web Site.

The kids in Grade 3, at Terry Fox Elementary School who started it all by asking: "how will I look after my plant when I take it home?"

The teachers, whose co-operation and enthusiasm   contributed much to the success of the project 

Richard Trout, in Australia, who has graciously allowed us to use many of his FAQs from the AVSA Web Site.

John Beaulieu, from Growin’house Gesneriads, for the use of his ABC blocks graphics and useful growing information from his publications.

Alexi Milne, from ALEXICON GRAFIXS for her help with the page top graphics.

Doris Brownlie from ACA’s Violet Tree for acting as our consultant on school projects.

Lynn Lombard from San Dimas, CA for sharing her wealth of teaching expertise gained as a pioneer in African violet growing school projects.