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Aqua Activities

Pigeon Blood Discus are very gregarious and outgoing.
They are native to the Amazon River basin. They are almost perfectly round and average about five to six inches in length.

They tend to hover quietly behind and under the leaves of plants, and move about in a regal dignified manner.

Shown here in a 54 gallon corner aquarium, that includes aquatic gardening of plants, that produce oxygen, absorb the carbon dioxide produced by the fish, and help in the break-down of  waste materials. By so doing the plants make a substantial contribution to the creation of a stable environment in the aquarium.

The most vital plant nutrient , carbon dioxide CO2 must be present in sufficient quantity in an aquarium if the plants are to thrive. The pH value indicates the degree of acidity of the water. If the pH fluctuates you need to fertilize with CO2 or change the water. Shown above is an automatic pH controller that governs the addition of CO2 from the 10 lb regulated tank below to regulate the pH level.