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Frequently Asked Questions by Kids from 8 to 80 

When I take my plant home, how do I take care of it?

Which windows in my house are good for African violets?

How do I know when my plant needs watering?

What is the best method for watering my African violet?

What fertilizer should I use?

What do the fertilizer numbers mean?

How much light does an African violet need?

How can I tell if my plants are getting too much or too little light?

Why are my plants not blooming?

What is a trailing African Violet?

How do I start a new plant from a leaf?

How often should I repot my African violet?

What sort of soil should I use for my African violet?

How do I get rid of the long neck (stem) on my plant?

There are little plants growing on the sides of my African violet. What should I do?

How do I start a new plant using wick watering?